Is life a gift or a burden?

Blue time in Norway

Blue time in Norway

Hello, Dear Reader!

How are you today?

I am doing splendid, if you ask. I have gotten rid of the sugar craving, and I am on my right way to wherever I am going…

Not that I am always knowing where my life is going, far from it, but we have to actually control the factors that is possible to do something about. So many factors can not be controlled that impact each and one of us. The weather is one, the economy of the country and the labor marked are others, and how people whom are interaction with you are doing, and and and…

Life is always a gift, but when life overpowers you it become a burden. But it is still a part of life. But life shines right now and more light is arriving every day, and soon it is spring. I love spring…and life!

Have a nice weekend, Dear Reader.



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