Spring? Snow? Cold…


Hello, Dear Reader

My flower is finally flowering again, after severely getting attacked by “CrazyCat”. So even if the early spring got interrupted by sudden snowfall this morning, it is spring inside my home.

Last week was a very hectic week, so schoolwork had to be more prioritized than the blog. That I think is unfortunate, but it is the reality. Reality says there are only so many hours in the day, and after my daughter and family, the university is on the top of priorities. Beyond that comes a list longer than a grocery shopping list on a Friday!

Being realistic is just something that I always have been, but my approach now is different:

I will NOT get so tired that I get burned out, and I can’t get up of bed for months at a time!

I will NOT do everything that is expected of me from others, not from me, just because I am a WOMAN!

I will NOT do things that I don’t agree to, just because I feel like I should!

I will only do things that bring out the best in ME, so I can use the best of me for what I WANT to achieve! Which often include others, and me as a student, and me as a mom.

As you see, Dear Reader, it is a lot of I and not and will in the statements over, but what I have learned is that if I don’t care for me, how can I care and give love to others? If there is not more to give, because the demands and wanting have emptied me, how can I give my best to others?

The result of these lessons has many times changed my life. And not always in the directions that I want.

I think this is MY contribution to the 8. March. I hesitate to actually say this, and NOT because I am not for everything that it stand for, I am.

But sooner or later we have to realise it is not in which shape we ENTER into the world, it is HOW we treat each other and WHAT we give to others AFTER we have entered the world,  that is important …this goes for women, men and everything in between,  and all the challenges they bring with them into the world.

We are ALL born free; independent of religion, politics, and greed, we ALL have a value and a voice, and we ALL have love to give.

THIS I will fight for, EVERY day!

LOVE, not WAR,





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