Summer of 2015


Hello, Dear Readers!

So, last time we spoke, it was March and I was working hard at school, and could not balance studies, blog and the social life that was needed of me. That meant that I needed to cut something I really love doing; writing this blog.

But, now I am back with the same enthusiasm, alas my health condition is below average these days. This will fix itself with exercise and loving tender care toward my body. Stress, Dear Reader is not a nice friend…But, I have as usual a lot on my mind and will write 2 or 3 days a week. 

The summer in Trondheim has so far been a disaster, but finally, 2 days ago the sun actually broke through the rain and the grey clouds, and drove the icy winds away. It feels like summer, but now the sun already has turned; the solstice the 21. June came and went almost like an invisible ghost! It has not been this cold in Norway in May and June since at least the 1930is, and let me tell you, it is not a joyride to go through a long winter and then no summer appears!

Tomorrow it is Sankthansaften; more rightly called St. John’s Eve, and people party and celebrate summer with bonfires, St. John’s Fires, and for me this has always been a joyful night. This is the night you should collect seven different flowers and put under your pillow, and then you will dream about your future love…

If you just want to have a nice and quiet evening; get a glass of wine and read a book, and reflect over the months that has been flying past, at least for me, in 2015 and think good thoughts.

We all need good thoughts and love.