Flowers and Champagne!


Dear Reader,

temperatures over 20 C is worth celebrating, and I have to say, this one is a cheap and wonderful Champagne – Nominé-Renard Brut; it costs 249.90 NOK and has Chardonnay 40%, Pinot Noir 30%, Pinot Meunier 30% as its grapes. It has 11,50% alcohol, sugar content is 10,80 g/l, and acid is 5,10 g/l. It is very fresh and has good bubbles; I love bubbles, who want no or little bubbles in a Champagne, and has apples and something we could not agree what was on the nose. It is described as white chocolate in the notes from the seller, but I am not sure… Taste very fresh and has a wonderfully long aftertaste.

Run and buy!

As a curiosity, this one popped into my bag last time at the wine store, and it is great to nectarines and vanilla yoghurt. Or other fruity and wonderfully fresh desserts. It is called Squealing Pig and has Pinot Gris as its grape. Alcohol content is 12,50%, sugar content is 8,00 g/l, and acid is 5,40 g/l. Very cheap, 150.00 NOK and I kind of like it. Sort of. It is a great choice to a everyday dessert wine.

20150628_211905 20150628_204703

Have a wonderful weekend all, and enjoy!




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