Books and holiday.

My own version of advertisement for "More Fool Me" by Stephen Fry. PS. It is only powdered sugar, not coke....

My own version of advertisement for “More Fool Me” by Stephen Fry. PS. It is only powdered sugar, not coke….

Hello, Dear Reader!

I have had a mini holiday and slept a lot, eaten good food and had time to read. Today I want to share with you a book, and it is a book from an author I have wanted to read for a while now. This is a person that is involved in so much of the movies and series and advertisements I have loved from a long time back, and I when I saw this book, I had to buy it right away.

Stephen Fry is a very renowned everything in the cultural world and he writes hysterically funny, and has an incredible love for the English language. It is this love I admire so much, for the mastering of the dry and witty humor through the English language is an art far beyond most of us normal people on earth.

The book “More Fool Me” has given me lots of laughs, and lots of insight of a British boy, and how it was growing up in England before a lot of the world opened up their souls and let the rainbow in. But I have to say that Stephen Fry is a person that balances very on the edge of himself and let the inner power get the better of him. After a while the book is laced with coke, it is rolling in it and makes me actually think some people should not be allowed into the public domain, not for our- the viewers and readers- sake, but for his sake.

And I wonder, again for the million time, if greatness is always combined with the living on the edge of humanity and the need to let the inner, black and lonely beast roar to the surface. For the whole book is a open wound of loneliness and a wanting to be loved and to belong.

Or, Dear Reader, am I wrong?

Dear Reader, have a good weekend and if it is raining, why not get this book, and maybe take a glass of red wine while you get into the land of genius and fame.









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