The Emperor’s New Clothes!


Dear Reader.

We have turned into July already, and the rain is not stopping. But rain gives us cheap electricity, since Norway has a lot of hydro power, and rain is better than drought. I have to admit I hesitate to bike to go to exercise, even if it is to swim! But this let me use my willpower, since both the rain and the exercise are challenges.

When one has skipped lightly over necessary tasks like exercise for a long time, it is a huge challenge to get back into it. One have to be very decided and take it as a job, not something that just makes you feel good. Because it doesn’t! It makes my muscles ache and I get tired and I spend a lot of energy to decide that I will do this.

So here is where the Emperors New Clothes come in.

We all think that because of all the new technology and different ways of living that have entered into our lives in the last, lets say 50 years, we can overlook a lot of very basic and very important areas. But, as I will remind you, this is a very costly mistake.

First, it doesn’t matter if the food supply has become better and we, at least for us in the Western world, swim in food. The body STILL doesn’t need more calories. Our body works like this; if one eat more calories than that the body needs, we will end up with a higher body weight, or conversely, if one eat less calories than the body use, the body loses weight.

It is ONLY a matter about calories IN vs. calories USED. It has nothing about how our genes are; if one is an emotional eater and eat because of stress, or the food prices or nutrition has changed. Just because we have a sea of sugar filled goodies and sodas and so much wonderful tasty food that bombard us from the TV, blogs, stores and family snuggle time, THIS physical LAW is not going to change. Not before we have bio engineered our body to behave differently; I am not sure if this is such a good idea…but that is a discussion for later, will this change. PERIOD.

Secondly, even if we have hundred new ways of communication and ways to spend our time, our body STILL needs exercise. It needs to be used to feel well. It doesn’t matter what you WANT to think, this is still a fact. Our body is designed to be used, either at work, in our spare time or any other time. Our body, if it is going to stay well and feel good, needs to be used. PERIOD.

Thirdly, our body is designed to have sex and enjoy it. It doesn’t matter what you morally want us to believe, this is a FACT. If it wasn’t, we would not have pleasure hormones when thinking about sex, or wanting to have sex, or having sex. And we wouldn’t have ORGASMS. We are built like this to want to have sex and to have babies. But NOT only to have babies, for our body has so many functions that happens when sex is being performed in our heads and in real life. And hundreds and hundreds of sex dolls and sex toys and sex games will not manage to replace the human interactions that are happening when humans are having sex. It is a FACT.

We have our wonderful body so we can use it’s functions. Of course there are a lot of things that are hinder us in performing this wonderful act, from stress, work, no one to do it with, religion, moral and different wanting, and so many other things, but the FACT is, sex is a function that is BUILT into our body. Even if you try to mutilate and try in so many ways to destroy this function, IT is and will still be there!

As we build the list, our brain needs to be challenged. Even if we get all the computers in the world, this is a FACT. Otherwise it will set itself in a pattern, and we will get fewer and fewer connections in the brain, and we will get a reduced brain function and a less function body. Because this is a symbioses; the brain is depended of the body and visa verse.

Humans are a social species. We need other humans. Not all the time, but a lot of time. We need corrections in our social behavior, we need to be respected and to respect others, we need to get the hormonal interchange that happens when we are close to other people, and yes, even if this is surprising you or make you be disgusted, this is a FACT. We need to learn to treat others in a dignified way, we need to learn to work together and we need group behavior to protect us from outside threats; like viruses, bacteria, weather problems, and other accidental happenings. We NEED each other, with our different views on life, different color on our skin and different ways of living. We would otherwise be very bored, since we ALL would be the same. And NO, that is not a good idea. Diversity is needed to survive as a species.

When we die, will can not bring anything with us. IT IS A FACT! We can build our legacy when we live, we can give the riches of our life to our future generations, but we can not bring anything with us and use it when we die. What happens AFTER life has ended as we know it here on earth, we DO NOT KNOW and it is A FACT. We have religion to guide us, political views to direct us, but we STILL do not know what happens after we die.

I, when I was very ill and used a lot of drugs to take away my pain years ago after an accident, had an out-of -body happening, and was floating under the roof in a wonderful stillness and happiness, and saw a tunnel that had a shining and bright light at the end, and I thought I was dead, did not die. And I do not proclaim anything other that we do not know all the body functions in combinations with drugs and pain, but life after death is not known. I do have a tremendous respect for my body, but forget to treat my body as well as it deserves now and then. And death for me is not scary, because if this is how we leave the earth, it is not bad at all. But for me LIFE is a gift and should be used to its fullest. This I say to remind the people that want to die, or people which want to try to get this reaction. It is usually not reversible, and the effect is created under extreme effects to the body and mind. It is not recommended to try this. Either with drugs or pain or a combination.

And last, life is not supposed to be joyful and happy, happy, happy all the time. We need shitty times to remind us WHEN we have a wonderful time to ENJOY it, otherwise we do not KNOW when we are happy. Life is such a gift, and it should be used. In your way. It is your road. Setbacks and road blocks and crossroads and so many things are giving life meaning, it is not a stopper to your life, it is the things that give life a meaning and direction.

It is not an excuse to be bitter, to be mean, to hurt others, to destroy others life, to mutilate and terrorize others, to disrespect others that has other meanings and challenge your life view, to do all the things humans are capable of. Because we humans do have an incredible violent and terrible side. I am not sure how many times people get surprised that the neighbors, the people among us can do unspeakable things to others. It is again A FACT that humans can and will do unspeakable act towards others, even if this happen often under misguided advice, terrible living conditions and a lots, lots of drugs. And more drugs, and even more drugs that destroy you capability to feel human and to be empathic towards others.

The Emperor’s New Clothes ARE what our eyes are seeing, but please, remember facts and believes are different things. The Emperor had his VANITY to mislead him into not thinking for himself.

What is your excuse, Dear Reader?

Love life, Respect life and Enjoy life!