Indian summer in Mid August!

Revebjeller...Digitalis Purpurea

Hello, Reader!

I hope you have an unforgettable summer, and if not, next year has new chances for that. I had a long, rainy, snowy and boring summer, and when the university opened up again, the Weather Gods sent warm, sunny and beautiful weather to Trondheim.

It is close to an Indian Summer here, but usually this happens later in the year, in mid September to October. I would not mind nice weather till then, but I will not get my hopes up.

So bear with me with late or flawed blog posts, because the sun gives me strength trough the winter!

The flower on the top today is called “Revebjeller” or Digitalis purpurea. It is a very gorgeous and striking flower to look at, but oh, so poisonous. The Bumblebees love this flower, and you can see one in the picture. It is a very easy going plant, and it can survive a rainy summer her in Norway, not like my herbs that rained away in early June. My Basil and my Thyme sadly just melted away and now it is too late to plant them outside.

But, I can enjoy the sun now and feel the softness of summer visit us. My plan today was to talk about my lost waist, but that will have to wait till later.

Summer, here I come. Carpe Diem, Dear Reader


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