Whom shall we hate today?


Hello, Dear Reader!

I wake up every week to a new country to hate…let me explain closer.

Mind you, I do not hate a country or people, I can stretch myself to dislike or think someone is an idiot, but HATE I have reserved for the very few and on rear occasions.

BUT, I can hate a system or how a country is run. We have the “total-disregard-for-people” countries which divide its people into class and barely tolerate 95% of their own population, we have the “military-run” country which is run by old dolls and dried up people which think they know best, we have the “drug-run” countries which kills people left and right, depending who runs in front of their guns during the space-off time, we have the “we-are-the-strong, on steroids,-and-shall-rule-the-world” countries which usually are run by sick people and I can go on and on…

I just call them “Bubble” countries.

The political system doesn’t actually differ much in the “Bubble” countries. Because it all comes down to money and whom shall have it. Only this, and off course sex, sex, sex and sex and power in all sick and perverted forms. Love has nothing to do with this, since these people have no clue what love and empathy are.

And Dearest Reader, I do not talk about that it is wrong to earn money or have a luxurious life or the wanting to have a good life with lots of sex.

No, I talk about the few % that really rules the world, which makes up wars for resources, for image, for drugs, for slave trafficking, for so many reasons beyond most “average” peoples reach. And the newspapers covering parts of this, but they forget to put it in a historic perspective, or just perspective, which should explain the logic behind why the different “Bubble” countries can continue to do this…

Right now the media is highlighting the war/conflict/religion values in Syria and the following emigration of their people. Do the media covering the spiders behind this war? A little bit, maybe. Before Christmas is was the Palestinian/Israel war/conflict/religion values, before the summer it was the Iran/US deal, in between it was North Korea and its leadership, and all the time, as a Norwegian, what is the Russian Bear planning to do next? I can go on, just change Latitude and Longitude.

So, yes, I wake up to a new country to hate and to a new conflict and to new values that I have to feel and mean and hate and love and and and and …

Please, Media Whores, can we get a balanced world view so we can keep our sanity? Because that is important in this hate filled world. Love and peace and sustainable values are the values that can stand against this, but the values gets so low by constantly being trowed hate and war and misery at.

Balance is an art, and we fail so miserably at it…


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