What do you mean with perfection?


Hello, Dear Reader!

Weekend is here, and did you get your planned weekend wine?

I did a random selection, and quick in and out, of the “Vinmonopolet” store. I like to try new wines to see what is on the marked. Random is as good as planned if you are not needing it to something special…

But, back to perfection. Perfection has through the history made a lot of havoc and misery for people. Someone set the perfection goal, and then the hordes of the people that want to be admired and feel wonderful follows after. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and our values changes our perception to it. Pictures can be manipulated, and Photoshop is very easy to use. Everyone can be beautiful if using the right photographers and the right tools…my scars and most of the wrinkles are hidden in the picture that you see, and with a little flare and some dramatic black and white colors, suddenly, one have a sexy picture that draws eyes.

When one get older, one hope that one look at beauty as something that shines from the inside. Of course, beauty on the outside is still important, but one have a more relaxed relationship to the body and therefore to beauty. And one learn from mistakes from younger days, when one was not so enlightened.

I love observing people, and one of my favorite things is to sit in a cafe and watch people that walk by. It can very much tell how the society look at beauty and love, and what values are leading.

Unfortunately, lately, I have seen really young people look like the 80 years old women that had done face lifts and fixed here and there to look young in their 60! For the 80 years old it is well deserved; babies and be awake night after night, stress, work and age have a huge impact on the body. But young people in their twenties should embrace their own body and feel great! Because youth is beautiful in itself and should bring joy!

But it looks like it has become a pain, people fill their lips and face and ass and their tits and add extension all over and fix their private parts. I have NO idea what happened to the self confidence to these young people? Did I miss something? I am wondering how these people feel inside, and what drives someone to do these changes…?

And it can’t be cheap!!

My biggest question, and wonder, is what are these people going to do when they are older? When they could maybe need to fix and tuck and nip here and there…

Did our generation go wrong?

I feel awful if I am part of a generation that instilled these values and left so much good values behind. I find it hard to teach my Princess that the values that should be valued are both the beauty inside and outside, when beauty outside is looked at with so awe?!

Kindness, love, empathy, and to be caring are values that should be the first values we teach our next generation. It looks, and I hope I am wrong, we have lost ourselves in the drive to look wonderful outside, and have forgotten that beauty is a healthy mind and body, and a wonderful smile.

Dear Reader, have a wonderful weekend, and smile to the people you meet along your way.


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