Friday it is, Dear Reader!


Yes, it is Friday and for some, not all, it is time to relax after work today, for two whole days!

For the others that is working this weekend, relax when you can and try to get through the weekend on a positive note. For we have many, many that is working night and day to take care of us, the sick and the many other that need support and help.

When you are sitting drinking your glass of Jeio Prosecco Brut from Italy that should have smelled like plums, citrus and herbs from the description from the importer, give some thought to all the people that give of their time to help others when you are safe and sound in your sofa!

I smelled just dark fruit and fresh, clean taste, and for the price, NOK 134.90, it is a very good buy. Alcohol 11,00%, sugar: 8,00 g/l and acid: 5,50 g/l, and it slides right down without leaving too much of a deep impression. That is okay sometimes; easy, fresh and a little different than most prosecco wines…and one move on to the next wine!


The news in Norway has been filled with EU-immigration, voters choices, regrets, and mistakes, the weather- we have extreme weather in parts of the country and as always, news about the usual suspects; the movie stars.

And lo and behold, some different news feel into my eyes here the other day. The news was that females wants as much sex as males! I thought that was silly news since my experience with life and talking to females in general, that this is an obvious statement and not news worthy. I have no idea that this was not common knowledge, since females have had sex since the start of the universe. And if we didn’t want as much sex as the guys, then our population would have been very much smaller. Yes, we have rapes, male controlling females, oppressing religions and cultures where this is not so obvious, but the female populations always finds a way if the need is there, and it is!

BUT, and it was a big but, females get disturbed by stress, and this reduces the wanting. That is a different matter. Again, newsflash, sex reduces stress and obviously this should have been in the news, not the other way around. In addition, it makes you feel good. People that want to have sex with females, start to reduce your stress level first and then get your woman to relax…Work can always almost wait; no one said before they died that they should have worked more. No, no, most people, before they died, said they regret not doing what they wanted; to follow their dreams and have close relations to people that see them and love them…

Dear Reader, have a great weekend, and a glass or two of prosecco could help reduce the stress level, don’t you think?


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