The wine that was mistaken for smoked bacon….

Hello, Dear Reader.

I love bacon, specially in a creamy sauce with mushroom and pasta. I was buying this Pinot Noir wine from Burgundy the other day, in the easy and cheap class. I was going to have it to wild rice mixed with brown rice, veggies and meat.

I opened it up and was smelling it, a little Acetaldehyde was hitting my nose, but nothing that wasn’t blowing away very quickly. But, this had put my sensory senses off tilt and when I was going to taste it, I was very surprised I had mistakenly put smoked bacon in it, with vanilla as a smooth taste.

I got very taken back, since I actually had to double check that I really hadn’t done that, but it was the characteristics of the wine…

When I buy a wine from Burgundy, I usually think it is a product that actually has a certain level, like quality. But here I am not sure if I am going to laugh or cry, since the balance and taste and smell is so off, and the wine has no idea what it is.

Will it change or will it continue to have a split personality…the story will continue on Wednesday! And I will reveal the name…


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