The first whiffs of winter…

Hello, Dear Reader.


This morning I had the first whiffs of the coming winter. No snow yet, no icy, freezing winds, just that feeling when you wake up and smell the fresh air coming in through the window and it smells of winter.

Even if I live in a fairly big size town, the air is fresh and clear and you can smell the shifting seasons. And today I had that feeling that the winter is on the way, and it is going to be a long and hard one.

But as I ate breakfast and made food for lunch, I thought that I am not sad about it. It is just part of living in Norway, and changing seasons were one of the the things I missed living other places in the world. Ask me half way through the winter, I will probably have a different answer for you!


Did the wine change and get better? Or was it absolutely a horrible buy? As with most French wine, it has it own life. This wine was made in 2013 and it is made from Pinot Noir grapes and this grape has very, very much its own life. As I probably have said before, Pinot Noir is the grape that I found most challenging to deal with when I made wine. It is a very delicate grape type and it is very difficult to predict the changes one get when the grape goes trough fermentation. You think you have full control, and then you understand you have no idea what is going on…pH are all over the board and the color is off and what should you do?

So, every time I buy a Pinot Noir I will give it a day or two with air in the bottle IF the wine is how I described it on Monday. Because it could be the wine has started to go though its closed phase and it will wake up with air or one have to wait to it feel like it will wake up! This can take several years, and the fresh fruits are changed and the wine will have more aged characteristics.

This wine was a different wine when I drank it yesterday. The wine comes from Bourgogne in Burgundy and as you can see from the picture, it is a Dom. Bourgogne Pinot Noir 2013. I do think I paid 159.90 NOK, but when I started to look closer on the picture, I think it says Dom. Marguerite Dupasquier, not only Dom. Dupasquier. The Dom. Marguerite costs 299.90 NOK, not 159.90. Since I have the bottle at home I can’t confirm this before the publish deadline, so I have to continue the story on Friday.

But the wine was transformed; away was the incredible unbalance and it was smooth and nice. A little bit “shadowed” like it was behind a curtain and one could see the contours of the wine, not the whole picture. I would put this wine in the store category, and buy something else if one want to drink it the same day. The dinner guests would have to sleep over if one opened the wine the same afternoon as the dinner should be!

Except for the little confusion with the names, the wine I drank was Pinot Noir, from Bourgogne, from 2013, but who made it and what does it cost? I recommend store in cellar and it will turn into a great wine when it comes out from the sleep.

Have a wonderful lunch, Dear Reader.


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