Last day in the work week!

Hello, Dear Reader!

Today is Friday and you can hopefully do some fun stuff other than work for some days. I, last weekend, or was it the weekend before that, made cinnamon rolls and they tasted yummy.


I used a version of dough that is used for what we Norwegians calls “kanelboller”; cinnamon buns or rolls. I usually get wonderful recipes from this blogger:, and I used this one:


I didn’t use the “pynt”, or the decorations on top of the buns. As you can see, I did my own design on the dough, and they were very delicious.


When they cooled down I had powered sugar on top, and they tasted yummi.

So, back to the miiistery wine. From the observations so far, I drank a Dom. Marguerite Dupasquer Bourgogne, Pinot Noir, 2013. The price was 159.90 NOK. The bottle that costed 299.90 NOK was a 1.5 L bottle of this same wine. The thing that trew me off, it that the big bottle and the smaller one had different names in the catalog on-line. But my best guess would be to say it is the same wine.

So. The miiistery wine is not so miiisterious anymore and I will continue my hunt for perfect, good and not so good wine in the weeks and months ahead.

You have a good weekend!


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