Happy New Year 2016

Hello, Dear Reader!


The new year has started, slowly for me, since last year was very hectic. It has started now however, and there are new challenges, new highs and lows to be expected.

Do you have any New Years Resolutions, Dear Reader?

I have a couple: to say Fuck Off to people that makes others feel like crap, and to continue the good work from last year. To expect to be a new person every year; to be smarter, thinner, better use of the time, much more kindness, less anger, more anger, less feelings, more feelings, more like everyone else, is very difficult and it is consuming a lot of energy that could have been used to other, more wonderful things.

Who wants to be like everyone else, anyway?

I like ME, even if there probably are a lot that I could fix on my body and in my mind, I go for good health and more love for life and everything exciting. This good health and love for life do not suddenly pop up, I have to work to get this.

Not in the way that I should exercise like crazy, eat just a few restricted food items, and keep a military regime throughout my day, I have to listen to my body and give it what it wants. No, no, it is not donuts and lots of  alcohol and fat food, but balanced thoughts and give the body a chance to actually feel that it is loved, to give it good, balanced food and enough movement to make it manage to repair whatever problems it meets…

Love and kindness shall save the world, and boy do the world need love these days. No religion, no greed and no crazy head of state are going to save it, but WE, the people of this planet with our love, logic and balance. For what is the alternative…?

Have a GOOD year, Dear Reader!






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