Wine, media and the rest…


Good Morning, Dear Reader!

A student week is over, again, time flies. I walk to the university every day, it takes me around 40 minutes one way, and this time I take to meditate and think about things that need thinking…

Today, as the weeks before, I was wondering how the media and we other humans have managed to end up so far from each other. Our society has always had someone to do the leading, someone to protect us and fight for us, someone to manage the public services, someone to teach us knowledge and wisdom, and someone to keep us updated about all these areas so we could see what is going on.

All of these areas are needed to get a society that is functioning well after democratic principles. It is important that all of them are in good standing, and lately that is not so.

With all the information we are receiving through the internet, with the overload of information we can access, it has ended up, more than before, that every scrap and bit from organizations, political parties, advertisement agencies, media be it newspapers, TV, Radio, internet groups like Facebook, Instagram, entertainment departments, public departments, are being dragged into the public. We are DROWNING in information from everywhere and everyone.

On top of this we have started to see, more than before, that the different cornerstones of our society; the media, police, teachers and other very very important cornerstones, have taken on roles that they should not, and are not supposed to, take on.

We do not want a police that “hide” information that we, the public, supposedly don’t like, we WANT media to deal with facts and be neutral. We WANT public health care to remember WE the patients, are the most important part of our society and should be treated that way. We neither want FEW political parties to dominate, we want a BROAD political view with the the voice for us all. But we DO want to the elected statesmen and women to know that they are there FOR the PEOPLE. Independent of who is leading and who has the power, they are the voice of the majority of the people and we have to live by this.

Back to my initial thought, the media. In Norway we seem to have forgotten that the facts that should come from the media should be independent and neutral, and if not, it will tell us what is influencing them to write like they do. I want to know what sways your political views, I want to know what your intentions are to write what you write, and I certainly want to know if you are sponsored or given input from a big company, or a so called think-tank, which I have to say are producing a coddlehoddlepot of shit many times. But political views, advertisement and money and greed have become this huge mix that is impossible to get anything from. I feel lost, and is that the intention with the media that is so important for a free and democratic society?? NO!!

I WANT to know WHAT your intentions are!!

Because, otherwise I have to be good in ALL the areas of public, private and all other things, to actually know what is going on and that I can’t. BUT I want to have a Norway that is true to its values, among several: freedom and equality for all humans, the Norwegian laws to be honored, politeness among all, people that actually know what they are doing if they are elected to give our voice in the public, and I want the media to follow their OWN “Vær-Varsom” principles. Possible more empathy and kindness together with logic and facts would be nice too. They need to be combined to get a balanced view and life. Not only one or the other…

Now it is Friday and weekend are here. I will get myself a bottle of the sparkling wine in the picture on the top and have it with some dessert after the pizza today. It is my new, favorite prosecco, and it is cheap and uncomplicated, which I like very much right now. So much of the world has turned so complicated and hateful, that I feel simplicity and love and just an easy life are necessary to wake up every day and to say hello to the world.

My food are uncomplicated, my wine also, and my private life is very much so, and it feels good.

Dear Reader, have a good weekend, give someone a hug. It can never be enough of good and loving hugs.



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