The Curmudgeon has landed…


Hello, Dear Reader.

The snow has arrived in Trondheim, but also the sun has started to show its face again – the picture is taken before the huge snowfall, the sun outrank the snow!

The snow makes it wonderfully bright all over and it is easy to commence the day. The kids are playing outside and the cross country skies are found and used. But how long was Adam in Paradise?

The Death Star has problems, organizational problems, and it is connected to, off course the snow. And a zillion other areas.

When half a meter snow is falling in short time, everyone expects problems. And we do put in extra time to get to school, to work and to do all the daily expeditions one have to do during the day, or night. But, and I have to say, it is winter EVERY year. So every year one expects snowfall in Norway. In addition, the weather has become more wild, so one need to expect the unexpected. But the Death Star control members has no idea of this.

They keep ignoring that Trondheim is not flat as the Netherlands where they can bicycle all year round, or skate on the channels covered with ice to get to work. They keep ignoring that people live in the city and outside the city, and the roads need to be kept clean for snow. So people manage to get to work. They keep ignoring that people want to shop on Sundays, we are already lining up in front of the cash registers on Sundays in the small shops anyway. They ignore that the dogs in the city parks are running around like free hunting dogs and jumps on small kids. They obviously think old people can just take care of them selves. And not to mention the city planning. The Death Star wants place for more people, and yes, a lot of people seek into the city. But how it is possible that so many ugly houses are being allowed to be put up? And the public transportation…I can go on.

I have to say, and yes, I know this is sounding old fashioned and stupid, but I can remember that at least the roads when I grew up where ready and cleaned before we got out of bed to go to school. No, I do not say that everything were sooo much better before. Far from it. But, I did not have to walk in this salty grey mass back and forth to the school/university, and in the middle of the road.

For we put salt on the road here in the city. But either too much or too little, and one end up slushing around in a messy crap snow. The reason why I have to walk in the slushy streets are because the house owners in the city is supposed to keep the sidewalks clean for snow. I ask you, does it work? No. But it keeps the house owner feeling it has control over the sidewalk…which they do not take care of.

Since I have listened to the Death Star people, I walk to the university, I recycle, I use public transportation, I use the local stores to keep them alive, I try to make food from scratch, I borrow books from the libraries, I try in every way to make a small carbon footprint on my way through life. I use a lot of time to take care of things. But why should I, when the Death Star lives in a bubble, and have serious reality problems.

Belief is NOT reality, reality is what we have to connect to and live with. I do not think I live somewhere else, I do not think we do not have winter here in Norway, I do not think we are all nice and wonderful and kind people; humans are a both good and bad.

To make it worse, the oil prices are falling, the world economy are going down, and the cancer in the middle east are spreading throughout the world. We live in changing times and we have to deal with it as best we can.

But so much do not make sense, so the Curmudgeon has arrived. I get really pissy when so much are just OFF!! The Death Star has so many rules, so many makes no sense, or if they do, they do not get enforced, or they get enforced very hard.

I could have kept shut and said nothing. But I will not go down lightly. I give a shit about people think I am a grumpy old man. I will continue to speak up for stupid and dumb things, and yes, what I think is stupid. Common sense must be brought back into fashion.

And please keep the silicon lips and silicon tits on 20-years-something girls away from my face, I get sick…Where is the filter for keeping the Silicon, dumb Barbies way from the news feed? It exists for the Kardumbians!






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