Whiskey, or as the Europeans want to call it, Whisky, in the jar!


Roar Larsen and Trude Tokle, two of several owners of Myken Distillery

Hello, Dear Reader.

Are you still there? I am here, but working on my Master Thesis.

The biggest question today is WHY did I actually start this new education in the first place?? I have no life, only university, motherhood and where the hell is my private life? But, I DID manage a little bit real life last weekend, when I decided to go to the Trondheim Whisky Festival.

I have to admit the fairly NEW and exiting distillery far up north in Norway was the attraction, it is called MYKEN Distillery, and is located on a small island with the same name. Very few people live there year around, and the weather is rough and tough. The houses are wired down, so in many ways this is a summer place.

The island is located above the Arctic Circle, and the Aurora borealis is gracing the island frequently. The people that live there or come there often, have an enormous love for Myken. So much that 12 lovers of the island, and Whisky, decided to start up a distillery there. The old fishery got rebuilt, and stills got brought all the way from South of Europe. The Scientist, turned Master Distiller, Roar Larsen has full control, and all the needed ingredients is brought by boat from the main land.

And Voila! Myken Whiskey was born! They also produce gin. But the love is for the Whisky, and different barrels get shipped to the island to give the Myken alcohol its soul.

This alcohol is what I wanted to taste, and I didn’t get disappointed! Raw it still is, and no, Whisky can it really not be called YET, but for a taste! I tasted from three different barrels; Hungarian, Swedish, and American barrels, and they really are giving the Myken alcohol their different souls.

The Hungarian barrel give the Myken alcohol a smooth, sweet and soft wood infusion and even if the alcohol content is high, 47%, it is golden liquid that hits the stomach like an avalanche. I have to say the taste from Swedish barrels was very WOODY. And more wood. Since I have not tasted Swedish wood before, I was surprised. I am still not sure if I like the taste, it is still rolling in my mind to see if I can evaluate it. What I do think is that the golden liquid must be aging for several years, not in the barrels, before I can call it balanced and something I can really enjoy. Then it was time for the American barrels and that is very familiar. Smoooth! Ahhhhnd good!

I got to smell the gin (it was a pure Whisky festival), and it is also a wonder; local herbs and lemon aroma; this is something that can be used for warm and wonderful G & T’s days.


Delish packaging, I think

Overall, I mean that Myken Distillery has gotten a superb start on the new adventure that has arrived to Myken.

Run to the Vinmonopol AS to buy the gin when it gets to the stores in a couple of months, just in time for sun, salty waves and summer…Yes, summer is soon coming!


Disclamer. Roar is my ex. But no favors or free stuff have been exchanging hands.




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