Lucky, me?


Hello, Reader.

I have missed writing, so here I am with some Food for thought again.

It is late April and the summer is, hopefully, here soon. It has been a very dark and long winter, which has been filled with work that I think King Sisyphus would have recognized. Writing job applications and get rejection letters feels like constantly rolling a stone up a hill, and never get to the top. Or get to the top and the stone comes crashing down again…

My shining armor has major dents and my sword has cracks. My self confidence is following the share price curve during the 1929 US stock marked crash. But I have not reached bottom yet, I am holding on with hands and teeth.

I have also moved, out of the hustle and bustle of the city, to the countryside, and very cheap rent. “Crazycat” is in heaven, but the bill for the veterinarian has increased. The city slick, black shadow has met a lot of countryside rednecks, and I have picked claws from his fur and mended scratches. By now, I think the redneck cats know to stay away.

I have also become closer to 49 than 29, or 35, for that matter, in my head, and that is not okay, or? Someone asked me if I thought my life was running faster and faster, since I was sitting on the side walk as an observer, and could not do all the fun stuff; work, love -yeah, I am still single and oh, was Valentines Day a crappy day this year, and why is all the exciting guys taken?-, own a house and stuff others own in Wonderland.

Was all this making me depressed? Was I desperately trying to be younger than I was?

What would you have answered, Dear Reader?

It is for me important questions, and I am still not sure how I feel. On one side, yes, of course I feel like life is running faster and faster. It is so much fun left to do, on the other side, I miss some things, and other things not. I think still people own to much stuff, and define status by their job and self worth by values I don’t want to follow. We live in very changing times, and with world leaders that are Darth Vader’s cousins, or siblings, for that matter, values that matters are more important than ever before. Am I desperate? Should I feel old? Would it help in any way to feel older? Even if I think the question was directed towards should I finally grow up? How grown up are enough?

Even if I am not sure how I feel about these questions yet, it got me thinking about luck. Luck is a very important factor in our lives, and dependent of what you consider luck, we all need some of it. We need it on all levels, and if one look at history, a lot of things have been done to attract luck or good times. Sacrificing slaves, animals, and similar rituals which is not just how I would attract luck, have been the common thing to do.

But I do need some luck forward on, so I thought I could have some fun and just make my own rituals.

Over the hill Easter chocolate bunnies-and chickens were bought, our dance moves prepared and a big kitchen knife was brought out. Then we were ready, and as the pictures show, we had the followers and the animals, and we sacrificed our best offerings to the Lucky gods. As our life is totally random, from birth to death, and we really can’t do anything to change it, we need our own rules and try to look at life in a humouristic way, even if the macabre is not too far away.

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Dear Reader, promise me to have some fun. Fun which makes you happy and makes you laugh. Enjoy your weekend.

I am waiting for the Luck gods to spread its love and gifts…