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Hello, as the founder of “Just Before Lunch”, I will blog as “ABitch” but my real name is Siss Frivik. Other guests will appear under just their Bitch name, and others again will write and sign with their own name. One of the Bitches which will appear more frequently is the “RichBitch”, and she will appear more often than you want to, and mostly on Fridays.

I am a Chemical Engineer (BS) born and raised in Norway, and then left for California to study Enology and Viticulture (MS), before I continued to travel to far off places to make and taste wine. And talk to the vines under the rising sun…

I love music, books, films, taking pictures, wine, food, fast cars and motorcycles, hiking, swimming, life, the world, and the rest of the universe. I am hugely interested in keeping the water, air and the rest of the planet Earth cleaner than it is now, this means I follow politics, people and sometimes their unbelievably behavior. I think the Earth is saying to itself “et tu, Homo Sapience?” before it is loosing its balance and dies.

I like to look at the sky at night and be reminded of the “per ardua ad astra”, my old school motto. I never wanted to be among the stars, I wanted to feel their brilliance and let them guide me to a better me. But the stars seem to have faded these days, since we seem to never have been more lost, lonely and without the guiding lights…

Everything on this site – pictures and blog content, except for when content is written under guest/own name – is under “Just Before Lunch” ownership. You want to use the pictures/written content/mp3 files or want to sponsor this blog, you find the contact info under “Contact”

Click on the mp3 file above if you want to listen to the text…

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