Friday it is :-)


Dear Reader,

it is the last Friday in January and the time has been flying! I feel like the picture, an object floating in a cloud, and I am just touching the control now and then. But I am sure I will get it, after a while.

The floating feeling is a know feature in my life, and specially in the first month of a new semester or a new job. The learning curve is so steep and to get full control, one need to work a lot to get things into place. New knowledge is always welcome, but it takes a lot of time and patience to get the full picture of the situation. When I finally get it is time for exams and reflections or a new project is ahead.

Full control is hard to achieve all the time, and for a person like me, it is a hard balance between free-floating and having control. Too much of either makes me an unbalanced person and not a very happy one. To hang on to the control for the control sake is an obsession I do not want to have. So free float and uncertainty is a good thing to bring along…even if it scary to be swished along with the wind without control.

So, Dear Reader, what is you? The free-floating or the full control or the balanced one?

I always try to challenge myself to have some uncertainty in my life, it makes me humble and it makes me respect all the factors we can’t control. As you probably know, we can’t control everything and trying to do so demands a lot of energy that could be spent on more fun things. Like drinking Champagne and read a good book, or dance, or watch a good movie, or…there are endless fun things you can do.

Dear Reader, have a wonderful free-floating weekend!