I had an epiphany over the weekend, Dear Reader.


It seems it is no meaning to be getting older. There, I said it.

At least it was this I was thinking while I was sitting in the audience at a stand-up comedy show here in my home town this weekend. The comedian is youngish, born in 1982, has his own web page; Nilsi.no and get people to laugh.

When you look at his page you observe right away he is looking boyish, kind of sexy and he doesn’t know how to shave…

I felt very old, mostly because he talked about things I thought and experienced a long time and years ago. His show is about egoism, and how people behave in the society today. Norway, as you maybe don’t know, was one of the poorest countries in Europe in the 50is, this was before the oil was found and we became rich. Now, we rank among the riches countries in the world, even when the oil prices has rock bottomed, and we act like it is a crazy party going on…

But, what he talked about made me think about the saying “born again”. We have this youngish looking guy, and he is talking about what the society are now doing and how the new rich behave. And it was funny, but it felt like an old tale. And this is where it my epiphany comes in.

If we, people, can’t learn from history, why is it that we want to live forever? Why can’t we learn from history, from other countries, and see and learn from them. Why can’t we look at other countries where there are war, civil unrest and horrible deeds done toward the people, to the nature, to the soul of the human being? Why can’t we take wisdom from each other and take forward the good stuff that works?

I feel sometimes being in a film that repeats itself, over and over again. But without the possibility to to better every time…

I have to say, good humor makes me laugh, and he had some points that made me laugh. But also to reflect on my life and my future…It made me free, since we humans insist on being hamsters.

And that, Dear Reader, makes a complex world very easy! I am very much looking forward to become old, Dear Reader, I have finally understood I have looked at the world in the wrong way..