Easter and beyond…


Hello, Dear Reader!

Easter this year came as a ship to a shipwrecked person on a not nice and lonely island. I have slept till late and been staring out on the roofs of the city. Home Easter is okay, but I buy into the magazine-glossy-pictures and Facebook-wonder-lives that are out there in the net world.

For about 10 minutes, before I start to think about car after car on the road, bad weather, ski trips where I ended up with my head down in the snow and my feet up in the air, way too much chocolate, people running around buying cheap candy and food that they dig into with a vengeance (I haven’t figured out from what and whom yet) and get depressingly fat from, being car sick from too much eggs and cocoa and tragic histories from the Bible.

All of it wonderful, when you have lost the pounds added and gotten your Botox shots to fix the added wrinkles and fixed your nails, but while it is going on, it is depressingly not okay. Instead I started to buy into the glossies every Christmas, Easter, Summer and Fall Holiday. For they ARE selling an instant incredible wonderful world.

I loooong for wonderful, for perfect, for glossy, for delicate, for gluttonizing without consequences, not dreary and same same. This Holiday I bought a magazine with yellow color outside; inside lots of food, wine, snappy advise for every thing on Earth, clothing and other means of having a wonderful time for Easter. I buy into it every time, I forget I know how it really is, and glossy it is not…So 10 minutes is what I give myself to dream about the perfect and a non existent world.

The reason why I only give myself 10 minutes, and not a whole lifetime, is that nothing is perfect!! We live in a world with changing people, changing weather and constant changing conditions…

How on Earth can anything be perfect? More interesting, what IS perfect?

Constant Perfect is an oxymoron! But prize after prize should have been given to the people that sell us perfect!  The fun thing is that people buy into it for real, and actually think that if you only do what the glossies say, you will be perfect…mind you it takes a heck of lot of money, time and energy to keep up the perfect facade, the illusions and the imaginary joy you get from being viewed as perfect.

When I have dived into the perfect and imaginary, I return quickly to the rain, sleet and windy conditions and my imperfect body, life and lazy mornings. With some chocolate and food.

No, it is far from perfect, but I can live with that. Too bad that so many buy into it and try and try to get something they never can reach.

What a constant disappointment to themselves they must be…

Happy Easter! Enjoy it as a beautiful gift, that is bringing surprises and love on its way. Oh, and HUG someone, anyone…