Love thyself

Love thyself

Dear Reader.

I have had some days off, and I am for once not too happy to share my opinions, feelings and thoughts. This is because I have been following several public debates here in Wonderland. And I have to say Wonderland is cracking up. I know that Wonderland have its problems, but the latest debates shows serious cracks in people’s judgement, self-respect and love for them self and others.

Let me ask one question. Are women and men the same? Let us take the discussion away from if we have equal rights to do what we like independent of gender, since I am finished with that discussion. Just to point out, WE DO.

The obvious answer to this question is, yes females and males are different. And we should be happy for this, since this makes it possible to give life as a gift to the next generation. The next question is do people think alike, and need and like the same things? Obvious answers to this, NO, NO and NO. Next question is, DO we have the right to tell others what is the best for them independent of status and riches, and independent of obvious things like you shouldn’t use drugs, drink too much alcohol, kill and hurt others, I can go on? The answer is NO!

This leads then to the conclusion that we have different needs, and that one thing does not fit everyone. You probably know what I am getting at if you have followed the public/private school debate lately in Wonderland. I am ashamed that I actually have to read all the shit that people can manage to spew out. It is something serious wrong with people and a system that conclude that one size fits all. If you just look yourself in the mirror, I can be sure, all of you do not fit size 6.

What is hardest to read is that people who has the least experience with different needs is the ones that is spewing its shit around. In my experience it is unfortunately what is the case, in a lot of situations. And it saddens me, very, very much.

Dear Reader, please make place for all needs and shapes. We do need it to have a balanced life and political system. If there is no place for others than the people who follows a leader, there is no place in Wonderland to become leaders. Or to become people with self-respect and love. Or just happy, wonderful people who respect others need and love. Wonderland seriously needs people who can debate in a discussion above a 5-year-old child level.

How do we teach people it is allowed to express its feelings and meanings and thoughts when you are sober and have to face the feelings of others, if we don’t start with respect first. I am serious tired of immature middle-aged people who can’t face their feelings and thoughts except when they are drunk, and it feels like they are when I read all the shit people have produced in the last weeks public debates.

Have a good weekend Dear Reader, and try to tell someone I love you, without being drunk or full of drugs. It feels good, I know this for sure.







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