Happiness and books.


Dear Reader,

happiness weekend continues and the second wine we had to the duck was again a French wine;


This wine is unfiltered and since it was brought by one of the guests, I will not describe it here, but find a description later.

We started the dinner with smoked trout,
and Natter Sancerre 2013, which had a beautiful light yellow color, a lemon and dry chalk nose with a taste that reminded me about dried grass, fresh lemon and some herbs, not green, but just a wonderful hot summer day. A very viscous wine with looong aftertaste and perfect to the smoked trout, capers, olive oil and Parmesan. Joy, oh joy. This was again a guest gift, but as I enjoyed it so much I use my own description.

More happiness dinner later…now it is over to books.


I finally got Jacqueline Winspear’s book “The Care and Management of Lies” which is a novel about the great war. I am halfway and I am a little flabbergasted about how the book is panning out. I am in fact not sure if I like it, even if it got excellent critiques when it came out. But I will read it till the end and give you full rapport then.

Have a good lunch, Dear Reader!



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