Why don’t you love me?

Body in blue.

Body in blue.

Why don’t you love me? I give you every breath you take, and give you my unconditional love. I never was created perfect, I need your help to make our relationship work. I need balance, I need love, I need you to exercise me and I need sleep. I need you to give me food that I can feel well from, so I can make you feel good. I need you to use me for what I was supposed to be used for. To make you stand up straight, and to keep the muscles and organs that make up you in top shape, so I can give you the thrills, hunger, challenges, sex drive, enjoy love and so much, much more that you crave.

I want you to see me for what I am; a beautiful body that give you life. Not only use your eyes to criticize how I look on the outside, but to make you understand how many secrets I have, how complex I am and at last; how wonderful I am. I am making new life, new cells, every day, I adjusting to your every thought and make the best out of your stresses and crazy input. I try to repair all the damage this gives me, but sometimes I fail miserably. And then you feel pain and need help. Not from me, but from someone that see me for what I am.

Dear you, let me be loved by you, so I can make you happy! Please LOVE me. For I am yours forever.


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