The NEED for Something Safe…

Skyggene i domen.

Shadows in the Dome.

Feeling Good, Dear Reader?

This Bitch is feeling splendid, albeit her face has color like a boiled lobster. Her favorite food, by the way, but her boiled lobster color is hurting a little bit. The sun in Wonderland in summer is very, very strong and one has to be careful to protect the skin with sunscreen. Which she forgets sometimes, since she sees the sun so little time out of the year…

But today the ABitch is going to bring you to a wonderful, old place in Trondheim. Trondheim is the third biggest city in Wonderland, and the place is the old Cathedral. This building was rising its first stone walls in the year 1070 AC. Every time she is here, she thinks she can feel the history, the traditions, the calmness, the tragedies, the fights and the wonders that have happen in all those years it has existed. She has always come here when she has been feeling that her life needed some context. Not because she is a Christian or a follower of a special religion, she abandon religion long time ago, but because it gives her some peace. The Cathedral has carried the life and traditions for so many people for so long time, and it is still a safe haven for so many. It makes her feel that her life, compared to all this history, is put in perspective.

This time she ventured to this peaceful place because she wanted to feel the tearing between the safe feeling which the place gives her, and on the same time the very opposite feeling it creates. It makes her feel anger, dislike and hopelessness. She loves history and traditions, but as soon she or anyone else walk outside the safe zone, it works against them. It works against so many, many people who wants to go where new rules have to be made. It is hard to want to feel safe and belong to somewhere, and on the same time want to venture out where others have not gone before, either because one belongs to the wrong 49/51 part, or have the “wrong” religion, or have ideas that do not conform. It is hard to see and read about rape, killing, violence, discrimination of any form, and hate towards innocent people and know for the most part it is a system, a culture, a tradition, or people which do not manage to imagine beyond them self, which are creating this havoc.

The ABitch has been push against walls, sabotaged, disliked, told she belongs in a rose garden to play with the roses, told she should put on make-up since girls should be pretty, told she is stupid, told she is fat, told she could get bigger tits for free in exchange for sex and company ergo, her tits were to small, told she doesn’t have a tradition to build on in her work, she can go on about incidents and histories, and she still think what she has done in the past is the best and most wonderful thing she could have ever done. But it comes to a point where the fight is not worth it anymore because one get different priorities. The glass ceiling broke, if there ever was a glass ceiling that held her and others back, because it is not important anymore. It is behind her, since it is only PEOPLE which create all this; it is people which create systems that hate, it is people which create history that is full of ignorance and war, it is people which create cultures that rape, destroy and mistreat innocent people. And it is people that make up the rules.

Do you know what this means, Dear Reader. That means WE, the people, can change it, so there are room for everyone. We can make place for people to cross to the other side of the room where the interesting discussion is, independent of anything else than that the discussion is interesting. We should create new safe havens for all, so we can easier dare to go towards the unknown.

Have a good lunch, dear Reader. If  you ever find your safe haven, hold on to it with love…





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