Death and fanatics, or just shoes?

Glittering shoes!

Glittering shoes!

Dear Reader!

The weekend went fast, with beautiful weather and blue skies. Have you noticed people get more friendly when the weather is good? The neighbor and strangers are giving you a smile when they meet you, which give me such a rush. One of the hardest things when this Bitch moved home to Wonderland was to get used to people’s unfriendliness. Not a smile from a stranger and not so many words from the locals. It takes a long time before one can start a conversation with people you see every day, and it is saddening me. The only people talking to you are the people living on the street and people who is paid to say hello to you in the stores. It was depressing for a long time. But one gets used to it, after a while. But when the weather is nice, everyone smiles. So keep the blue skies coming!

But, it was not this I was going to talk about today, Dear Reader. I was going to talk about shoes, or I was originally going to write about all the last killings which has shown up in the media. I am quite sure I don’t know what is going on in people heads to set kids on fire so they die a horrible death, or kidnap kids and then kill them in other horrible ways, or chop the head or an arm or leg of masses of people so they die of this, or rape small girls and hang them up in trees, or do other horrific killings to justify a cause. I do know I am glad I am not a fanatic lunatic, which is obviously is the driving factor here. Or full of drugs, or just greed, or dumbness or in need for control. Or a mix between all these.

That people still manage to surprise me with their incredible ways of humiliate and destroy others are, well, surprising. For someone who read the 2. world war history before she was 14, and since then have followed international happenings, it should not be any surprises in these news. But, it does surprise me. Mostly because it is such hate and contempt which drives it, and it is spreading like fire to so many places, so quickly. And you know it is cruel, indifferent and”dead” people that sit in the background, drawing strings to get it like this. That use people illness, or dependencies, or need to be seen, or their faith.

So I found it more interesting and comforting to write about shoes. Shoes are not hateful, even if it sometimes feels like it, and they do not dislike you. And the shoes above all shoes for females are of course the shoes with red sole and high heels. Their name is Louboutin, and they are made by the designer Christian Louboutin. His shoes are sexy, and shows style and class. They are a challenge to walk nicely in, but they make any female in seconds the most sexy person on earth. And that is a feat beyond doubt much more difficult than to get someone weak and vulnerable to do something grisly, unimaginable and horrifying to someone else…

To get people to do wonderful and great things for humanity are so much more difficult that tearing down peoples self respect, love and need to be living in peace with others. Hooray to Louboutin, he gets females to be on the top of the world, where they can do great things. As a second thought, we should give these shoes to every female in high positions, so they can get instant the sexy and top-of-the-world-feeling, and they will do all the things they need to do to save the humanity from itself…

Have a good lunch, Dear Reader.



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