What is your burning desire?

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Dear Reader.

Today I was going to write about “What am I making for dinner?” or the “Tooth fairy”,  but I totally lost my momentum…

It is so much to write about and so much to choose between that some days I am getting brain overload and can’t decide what to do. Then my eyes fell on a YouTube video from a happening in the US. “Burning Man” is a yearly happening in the desert and I never went, even if I had the chance.


I do think is was partly because I do not like to have sand everywhere…but that is a totally different subject.

But back to the things I have missed doing, Dear Reader.

Do you have a list of what you should have done before you are too old, or don’t care anymore?

I have still a long list over things I should do, even if I have crossed off a lot. But, it just seems to be adding new things to this “what to do before I loose the guts to do what I want”. I do have to say I will try to keep going till I am 90 years or more, but experience has shown things are not always going as planned, so the list is not getting put away till when I have time, money, or whatever that stops people to do the things they have a burning wanting to do, but end up never doing.

The five first items on MY list is:

1. Experience an evening fully dressed up, with Champagne either before or after, at the “Teatro alla Scala”, http://www.teatroallascala.org/en/, with the world leading singers and a performance full of drama, love and tragedy. I am not sure which opera is most full of all this, BUT there are a lot to choose between.

2. Meet Bill Bryson and ask him if he really is so grumpy as he portrays himself…

3. Buy a sailboat and sail slowly, when sunny and with a light breeze, around the coast of Norway, Sweden and Denmark, with added scuba-diving stops and lots of Champagne. Not on the same time, can have very bad effects!

4.  Write a book, or several, but one is a book about a holiday in St. Tropez in a big villa with W. Churchill, R. Feynman,  Eisenhower and Admiral Haakon Bruun-Hanssen, which is the top boss for the Armed Forces in Norway. I would add more people to the mix, but those 4 would be in the center.

5. Plan a 2 months trip to many of the small huts in the Norwegian countryside, all run by the DNT- Den Norske Turistforening, in sunny and dry weather, okay it can rain a little bit every night to cool and freshen the air, but not when I walk from one place to the other…http://www.turistforeningen.no/

Much more is on the list, Dear Reader, but not everything is for the public eye! Maybe you can use your lunch today to add to your list of things to do, or maybe start a list if you don’t have one already. It is always nice to have something to look forward to, even if you think it will never happen. Be creative!!

Have a good lunch, Dear Reader



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