Wonderland and Weather.


Dear Reader!

No, it hasn’t started snowing yet here in the low country, but up in the mountains the first snow flakes have arrived.

This brings me to weather. Weather and weather discussions are one of the most important things for a person in Wonderland to know. Together with discussions about the bad roads, yes they are bad,  the right for free movement in the whole country when hiking and walking around, yes, it is allowed, but consideration and be nice are prerequisites,  and bicycles vs cars on the road and in the hiking tracks in the forest and mountains. Oh, I can’t forget the alcohol prices and Monopoly of Alcohol’s distribution system…

But, the main discussion topic, and a life saver in social settings, is the WEATHER. It is a must for all people to know how the weather was this morning, how it is going to be later in the day and the days ahead. And, if one want to score points, know which place and which people have the most correct weather reporting.

This will melt any tough-guy who hasn’t been drinking enough yet to say more than hello and stand there with a drink in is hand. The only place people will say more than hello, and have a nice conversation with you without being drunk to the brim of their eyes, is in the mountain when hiking. That arena has become the biggest find-a-date-for-the-rest-of-your-life or a week or so! It is even cute rules for the different groups; single, in a relationship, are open for a relationship. If you are wearing a GREEN hat, you are single, if you are open for contact, it is orange or yellow, and red hat if you are in a relationship.

In the mountains it is even more important to know about the weather, since you are depended of it to survive.

As a Wonderland live-in, the weather IS important. Since we are out and about all the time, I can’t remember the school closed down for any weather when I was young, we just went in 45 degrees angle through the bad weather and reached school like snowmen, we need to know it. I think it is a little self-torture in this, since we do have to get out the of the house and get to the places we need anyway. But, the clothes are important. The saying in Wonderland is “There exist no bad weather, only bad clothing”. So we then need to know how the weather is going to be.

And this is difficult, now it is almost impossible, since the weather patterns have changed so much. There is money and good discussions in weather, and the predictions. And in this country we are producing thousands and thousands of those who predict!

So, Dear Reader, if you are going to Norway or just arrived, get to know yr.no and storm.no. Then you will survive the first 30 parties when the Wonderland people are considering if you are worth their time.



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