Time flies too fast….



Dear Reader,

I saw the best cowboy shoes EVER when I was in Oslo, and I had to share them with you. Not that I want to wear them, I am not even sure when to use them, but they were still very cool. And they probably cost a fortune, and I rather buy good quality wine that funny shoes, if I have the option and I can’t have both…

As you probably saw yesterday, I had an empty blog. I have a lot of stuff to blog about, it is the time constraints I have issues with. But now I will reorganize my time, AGAIN, and get it done. Even if it suddenly felt a little heavy to continue. But I still love it, and when you do, one should continue.

It is like in a relationship, one define internal what the balance should be when it starts; 70% positive and 30% shit …and so far the blog has the highest rating ever I have had in a relationship, and yes, this is, since it take up a lot of space and demands a lot of work up front. 90% positive and 10% shit, and I have to say that is bloody good.

I must say I don’t think EVER I can meet someone that will bring this good rating, but then I have to say I have had very good luck in love, and I have had very close ratings, if one overlook that I haven’t managed to live with them.  I still have a big spot in my heart for most of my former loves, and as friends they are very appreciated. And yes, I am still friends with most of them, at least not a foe, in one way or another.

But it was shoes I wanted to talk about. Earlier I talked about super sexy boss shoes, and I would love to buy a couple of those, but also some sexy snow shoes. Those are in very much less demand. I am not sure if I ever have manged to see sexy snow shoes that is actually looking good and are WARM, so if you Dear Reader can give me a clue, I would love it. I have bought rubber boots, and I have to report they are as cumbersome as I remember. But they keep my feet warm, and I like that. They are the MOST boring shoes I have, but that is not saying much, since my shoes are unfortunately at this time very functional and boring.

So Dear Reader, time is off essences and I am getting better at it.

Have a good lunch,




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