SpongeBob SquarePants

Hello, Dear Reader.

I hope you had a nice day yesterday? If not, it is always today, tomorrow and…

When you drove, walked, took the train, or bicycled to work today, did you observe any square people with stick legs, around 1.50 tall walking around? Like the shape of SpongeBob SquarePants, only bigger? A lot of them should be around. “Why?”, do you maybe ask.

I will tell you why, Dear Reader. I am 1.70 tall, Norwegian and have female shapes. Not unshaped, just shaped and feel very comfortable with this. That is, until I want to buy something to wear. I do, Dear Reader, love my naked body, but I am not sure everybody like to see it every time I step out of the house. I also live in a Winter Wonderland; I actually need something to keep me warm most of the time. This means I need to buy clothes now and then. I start out with a bright smile and lots of guts and glory. But both the guts and the glory are quickly disappearing after a couple of walk, see and try-outs in some clothing stores.

Just look at the t-shirts a lot of stores are selling. They are square, unshaped and big. Or square, unshaped and small… No shape, no style and no guts and no glory. Then you go for the pants; pencil thin and stick shaped. No nice butt here, or legs or shapes, just smack damp cramped pants that give you a hernia. The dresses seems to be designed by an unskilled half starved actor, or some designer on crack. And jackets, why do I feel like a monster person when I try on jackets in my size? My shoulders are not *that* big.

What happened to style and get things to fit to the body? And get the best parts of your body to look, not just great, but sexy and eye catching? This is not only for the female part of the population; so many guys look like they have my exact same problem… And I am not going to mention the work clothes for both females and males, so many in the same unfitting suit or dress. Arms too long, or shoulders to wide, or buttons to tight or dresses that hangs around the body like a blanket.

You think, maybe ABitch goes to the stores that are just selling cheap stuff? Or mass-produced stuff? Yes, but she is also going to stores that sell designer wear and *supposedly* are going to have better quality, better cuts and better everything.

Well, again the clothes are formed after a magic fairy shaped figure, which I almost never see on the street. Or anywhere else for that matter…

So tell me Dear Reader, why is this? What happened? Are we too ashamed of our bodies to show it off, with all our shapes? Or are we just cheap suckers that don’t want to pay for anything that look and feel descent? Or do we really don’t not know what a good fitting dress; shirt, skirt, pant or suit should feel and look like anymore? I want the tailors back, I want the good quality material back, and I want the body to be seen. I would love to spend more money on a good shirt or skirt or sweater or pants to have it fit my body, than have a load of ill-fitting clothes that just make me look like SpongeBob SquarePants in thighs…

Have a good, stylish lunch, Dear Reader


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