Nature takes its toll!

Trondheim, in mid January

Trondheim, in mid January

Hello, Dear Reader!

This is how Trondheim can show its face, beautiful, a little mystic and just calm and easy-going. But this weekend, and today too, it has been not very calm and easy. Winds and snow and high waves bigger than it has been in a long time, have been ravaging from the middle to the north of the country. It has been creating havoc and damages on houses, boats and people. The name of the bad weather was “OLE”, and we are shaken in our foundations.

But, as always before, it will get better and all the damages will be dealt with, and we will be go on with our lives. The weather seems to very much go from normal to not so normal these days, and the earth gets warmer and warmer. I am starting to believe the adventures described in the Iliad and Odyssey, where Homer fights through storms and meet strange creatures from the bottom of the sea…

We see a lot of more creature we have not seen in a long while showing up at the surface of the ocean, and the storms are being wilder and stronger and creating more havoc. So we are in a changing time earth wise…

But, time create havoc other ways too. A year ago, I was fit, felt great body wise, now the story is very different. I have¬†deteriorated, it is a good description I would say. Yes, age is a big factor here, but more it is less exercise, more eating and a LOT more stress. So, in these days, when I see myself in the mirror, my ass looks like one similar to the figures from “Keeping up with the Kardashians”, a reality TV-program in US, and my boobs are in line with my stomach! I need to take grips, and if someone tells you that exercise and eating less don’t work to get you to feel great, they are lying.

There is need for desperate measures, and it will happen. And it started today. I will keep you updated, but not all the time. These things take time, and patience and steel will. And I am glad to know, if measures are taken, results will come. For I have been here before, when my will have been overridden by my illusions, that I will keep “status quo” when I exercise less, eat twice the calorie intake and stress builds to small mountains.

First the hard part, 10 days to get out of sugar hell. So if I am more than sarcastic on Friday, keep in mind my world is getting deprived of sugar and then tend to bring out a horrible fight for my good mood!

But, as nature and time go by, we continue our daily life, with winds coming from west and sugar is being taken away from my mind…



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