The First Day of Fall 2015!

Stokkøya, Sunday 23. August, 2015

Good Monday, Dear Reader.

This is the official First Day of Fall, and as you can see from the picture above, 25 degrees Celsius and beautiful sunny beach was the status yesterday at Stokkøya, Norway.

It is amazing that the summer finally came, and I am much more willing to get into the new seasons with a positive attitude after a longer period with sun and warmth. Even I have been sporting a bikini and feel the D-vitamin hopping around in my body. The sun starts so many chemical reactions in the body, and a more relaxed and happy body is the result. The need for 4 layers of clothing is not there and my body becomes happy!


A lot of hormones that pops around in the body too turns up too; if feels like my body turned 25 and just celebrating happiness. I like it.

So have a good afternoon, Dear Reader, you will find me at a green lawn with a book later today…


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